FAQs 常見問題

Payment Method 付款方法

Credit or Debit Card

You do not need to have a PayPal account to do this.

  1. In your shopping cart, proceed to "Check Out"
  2. Select, "PayPal"
  3. Click "Complete Order" at bottom of the page
  4. A small pop-up window will appear, scroll to the bottom and select, "Pay with Debit or Credit Card".
  5. Fill in you Credit or Debit Card info as instructed


  • It enables any individual with an email address to securely send payments online. With a PayPal account, you can choose to pay with your credit card, debit card, bank account, or PayPal account balance for any purchase you make. (Please refer to www.paypal.com for more details.


  1. 不需PayPal帳戶也可使用信用卡或扣賬卡付款。
  2. 在購物車,選擇「結賬」
  3. 選擇「PayPal」在頁面底部,選擇「前往付款」
  4. 將有一個小視窗彈出,滾動至頁底,選擇「Pay with Debit or Credit Card」
  5. 按指示填妥信用卡資料 (可先滾動至頁底更改界面語言)


  • 以戶口為主的系統,只需提供電郵地址及密碼,即可安全地付款購物。Paypal 採用SSL安全機制保護,保障讓您的信用卡資料。選擇以PayPal付款,您須於PayPal先註冊(有關詳情請瀏覽PayPal官方網站)。

Delivery Information 送貨方式

We ship all items from Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Area

  1. Free Shipping will apply if your total purchase amount is over HK$500. Otherwise, if your total purchase amount falls below HK$ 500, a shipping fee of HK$45 (address in Island areas will charge for HK$100) will apply.
  2. Please provide correct and valid address. (P.O. box address is not available.)

Self-Pick-up service:

  1. You may choose to pick up the order on your own.
  2. JaneClare will contact you for the arrangement.
  3. Pick-up point: JaneClare Customer Service Centre (Address: Room A-B, 17/F, Hua Chiao Commercial Centre, 678 Nathan Road, Mongkok, Kowloon)

International Area

Shipping Method

Shipping Fee
Net Order Amount (USD)

Delivery Time


less than 100

250 - 299

300 or above

Business days

Standard Shipping #





Expedited Shipping





## Since some of the customs authorities in Eastern or Southern Europe (for instance, UK, France, Germany or Spain) may take a relatively long time for customs clearance and inspections, the delivery time of some orders may take 4-6 weeks.# For Standard Shipping, no single order can exceed 2 kg. If your order is over that limit, we will automatically separate them into several orders to meet the weight requirement. You will be notified all the tracking numbers by email.


A shipping fee will apply if your total purchase amount falls below HK$800 after discounts.Please provide correct and valid address. (A.P.O. Box (USA), P.O. Box, parcel locker or hotel address are not available.)Buyers should bear any risks during delivery (including any delay, damage or loss). JaneClare is not responsible for them.Please check upon delivery. In case of any problems on the product quantity or product items, reject it and return to us via Courier Company.


1/每次購物滿HK$500,JaneClare提供免費送貨 (未滿HK$500  收取  HK$45  運費,離島收費HK$100),JaneClare 暫時只提供香港地區送貨服務 ;


3/請確保訂單填寫之收貨地址有人簽收 ;

4/JaneClare保證貨品將會送至訂單填寫之收貨地址,唯並不負責因代簽收而造成之一切後果,建議盡可能由填寫訂單本人親自簽收 ;







Return Policy 換貨退貨

JaneClare cares much on product quality. Your interest is protected by our “30-days Guaranteed Return Policy”, we accept products sold with not more than 30 days from date of purchase. Please contact us for returning information at 2121 1999 in advance.

  1. We provide the Return & Exchange service for products purchased within 30 days. Products must be returned in new condition.
  2. We do not accept any products that has been opened (taken out of its box) or used and is not in its original condition, damaged, or is missing parts.
  3. If samples are provided, please try the sample first before opening larger product.
  4. Please return the full set of products if they are purchased in a set. Otherwise, the products you do not return will be charged at the original price. Moreover, gifts shall be returned if the total purchase amount after the return does not meet the standard of receiving gifts.
  5. The total purchase amount shall need to be calculated again if the discount offer is no longer applicable due to the return.
  6. The Return & Exchange service will be provided ONCE only for each purchase. Customer has to bear the shipping fee the second time onward.

Damaged Product

  1. If any products received are damaged due to the delivery, please call 2121 1999 for exchange.
  2. JaneClare will bear the shipping fee of the return within 7 days of the receipt of the products. Between 8 and 30 days of the receipt of the products, customer shall bear the fee.
  3. Please pack the product(s) to be returned properly and mail via registered mail or courier.
  4. In the event of any dispute, JaneClare reserves the right of final decision.

Refund Policy

  1. Please note that before providing a refund for any returned product we will first verify its condition. All non-returnable items will neither receive refund nor return to you.
  2. We regret that we do not refund original shipping and handling fees with the return. We can only refund the total value of products in 14 working days. Refund will be issued to the same account holder and in the same form of payment originally used for purchase.
a) Payment by Credit Card
JaneClare will refund to your credit card account in 14 working days. However, due to the different processing time of each bank, the amount may not be displayed in the upcoming bill, but in the next one.
b) Payment in Cash
JaneClare will refund to the designated account by remittance in 14 working days.

JaneClare 對產品的要求嚴謹,質量絕對有保證,我們更有信心為你帶來美好的購物體驗,誠意提供「30日產品退換保證」。大部分於JaneClare網站購買的產品均可享有由收貨日起計三十日的退換保證,退換前請先致電2121 1999聯絡我們。


  1. 在收貨日起計三十日以內,可辦理退換服務,產品必須保持完好包裝。「完好包裝」包括:產品與贈品未拆封(試用裝除外)、包裝、紙盒、附件及相關紙本文件(如收據)。
  2. 產品基於個人衛生為由,已經開封過或曾被使用過,恕不接受辦理退換。
  3. 訂購時如有附上該產品的試用裝,請優先使用試用裝,再開封產品。
  4. 套裝產品退貨需要整套產品退還。套裝產品如部分退貨,保留產品需以原價計算。若因退貨而導致不符合送贈贈品標準,必須與退貨一併退回。
  5. 若因退貨而導致不符合優惠折扣,訂單金額將重新計算。
  6. 每一筆訂單只限辦理一次退換服務,請集中一次申請;訂單退換第二次起,需由顧客自行負擔運費。
  7. 若您收到的產品因長途送貨過程產生瑕疵或損毀,請致電2121 1999,我們將為你辦理換貨。8. 若在收貨日起計7日內,JaneClare會負擔退換產品之全額運費;在收貨日起計8-30日內,則由顧客負擔。9. 退換時,請將產品妥善包裝,並以掛號或速遞方式寄回JaneClare。10. 如有任何爭議,JaneClare保留最終決定權。


  1. JaneClare會在退換或退款之前,會檢查退貨,如若發現情況不符合退換條件,所有退貨恕不獲退換或退款,亦不會將貨品退回。
  2. 完成退貨手續後,JaneClare會於確認收到您寄回之產品後,14個工作天內將產品總額(不包括原來訂單之運費)退回。退款方式將會與購物時的付款方式一致。
a) 以信用卡付款
b) 以現金付款


    JaneClare 对产品的要求严谨,质量绝对有保证,我们更有信心为你带来美好的购物体验,诚意提供「30日产品退换保证」。大部分于JaneClare网站购买的产品均可享有由收货日起计三十日的退换保证,退换前请先致电2121 1999联络我们。


    1. 在收货日起计三十日以内,可办理退换服务,产品必须保持完好包装。 「完好包装」包括:产品与赠品未拆封(试用装除外)、包装、纸盒、附件及相关纸本文件(如收据)。
    2. 产品基于个人卫生为由,已经开封过或曾被使用过,恕不接受办理退换。
    3. 订购时如有附上该产品的试用装,请优先使用试用装,再开封产品。
    4. 套装产品退货需要整套产品退还。套装产品如部分退货,保留产品需以原价计算。若因退货而导致不符合送赠赠品标准,必须与退货一并退回。
    5. 若因退货而导致不符合优惠折扣,订单金额将重新计算。
    6. 每一笔订单只限办理一次退换服务,请集中一次申请;订单退换第二次起,需由顾客自行负担运费。
    7. 若您收到的产品因长途送货过程产生瑕疵或损毁,请致电2121 1999,我们将为你办理换货。 8. 若在收货日起计7日内,JaneClare会负担退换产品之全额运费;在收货日起计8-30日内,则由顾客负担。 9. 退换时,请将产品妥善包装,并以挂号或速递方式寄回JaneClare。 10. 如有任何争议,JaneClare保留最终决定权。 


    1. JaneClare会在退换或退款之前,会检查退货,如若发现情况不符合退换条件,所有退货恕不获退换或退款,亦不会将货品退回。
    2. 完成退货手续后,JaneClare会于确认收到您寄回之产品后,14个工作天内将产品总额(不包括原来订单之运费)退回。退款方式将会与购物时的付款方式一致。 a. 以信用卡付款:JaneClare将在收到您产品后14个工作天内,将退货金额退回付款之信用卡账户中。惟因各银行办理手续需时不一,若款项未能显示于当月账单中,将显示与下月之账单中。 b. 以现金付款:JaneClare将在收到您产品后14个工作天内,将退货金额以汇款方式汇入指定户口中。