Terms and Conditions of LJC Loyalty Programme (Offline) | LJC忠誠客戶計劃(線下)條款及細則

感謝閣下透過我們的客戶主任參與我們(Laboratory JaneClare Limited)LJC忠誠客戶計劃(線下)。請細閱以下的條款及細則。如你不同意以下的條款及細則,可隨時與我們的客戶主任聯絡、致電2121 1999或電郵至marketing@janeclare.com以退出此LJC忠誠客戶計劃(線下)。否則,則代表閣下同意參與是計劃的條款及細則。



  1. 如此條款與細則的中文與英文版本有差異,則以中文版本為準。
  2. 參與LJC忠誠客戶計劃(線下)的客戶於屈臣氏每消費一元購買JaneClare品牌的產品即可獲得一分,如此類推,客戶須即時向指定的JaneClare客戶服務經理登記積分,假如沒有JaneClare的客戶主任在場,可拍下收據並電郵照片至marketing@janeclare.com,我們的後勤工作人員於查證收據後亦會為客戶登記積分。
  3. 參與LJC忠誠客戶計劃(線下)的客戶可電郵至marketing@janeclare.com或於正常辦公時間內致電2121 1999查詢客戶的總積分。
  4. 所有的積分有效期至20191231日為止。
  5. 20181231日前每累積滿5,000分的客戶可換領JaneClare電子商店買一送一優惠券一張,所用的積分會於閣下的積分帳戶中扣除,換領獎品的細則會於稍後時間公佈。
  6. LJC忠誠客戶計劃(線下)的客戶可於生日月份於JaneClare電子商店以七五折價錢購物一次,辦法會於稍後時候公佈。
  7. 2019年及以後的積分換領獎品詳情及細則會於稍後時間公佈。
  8. Laboratory JaneClare Limited保留隨時更改可換領獎品及相關細則的權利而不另作通知。
  9. Laboratory JaneClare Limited保留隨時更改此條款及細則的權利而不另作通知。客戶可於www.janeclare.com查看最新的LJC忠誠客戶計劃(線下)條款及細則。
  10. Laboratory JaneClare Limited保留對LJC客戶忠誠計劃(線下)所有條款及細則的最終解釋權。


Terms and Conditions of LJC Loyalty Programme (Offline)

  1. Should there be discrepancies between the Chinese and English version of this Terms and Conditions, the Chinese version should prevail.
  2. Customers who participate in LJC Loyalty Programme (Offline) can get one point for each dollar spent on JaneClare products in Watsons. Customers should register their points immediately with designated Watsons promoters. If promoters are not available, customers can take a photo of the receipt and email photo to marketing@janeclare.com. Our back-end officers will verify the receipt and register points for customers accordingly afterwards.
  3. Customers who participate in LJC Loyalty Programme (Offline) can call 2121 1999 or email marketing@janeclare.com to enquire for their total points within office hours.
  4. All points are valid for two years, commencing from the date of relevant Watsons purchase. Points will be void after two years.
  5. Customers who have accumulated 5,000 points before 31st December 2018 can choose to redeem a buy-one-get-one-free eCoupon for use on JaneClare eShop. Used points will be deducted from customers' account. Procedure and conditions for redemption will be announced shortly.
  6. Customers who participate in LJC Loyalty Programme (Offline) can make one purchase on JaneClare eShop with 25% discount. More details will be announced shortly.
  7. Details and conditions for redemption in 2019 and after will be announced shortly.
  8. Laboratory JaneClare Limited reserves the rights to change redemption gifts and relevant conditions without prior notice.
  9. Laboratory JaneClare Limited reserves the rights to modify this Terms and Conditions without prior notice. Customers can check for the latest terms and conditions on www.janeclare.com.
  10. Laboratory JaneClare Limited reserves the rights of final interpretation to this Terms and Conditions.