Technology and Certifications 技術與認證

WOW Advanced Skin Penetration Technology | WOW 醫療級肌底滲透技術

The second layer of human skin which is lipid in nature is a natural barrier that blocks most substances from entering into the skin including the active ingredients of skincare products. If active ingredients of a skincare product cannot reach the basal layer (the deepest layers) of the skin, they only have minimal and temporary effect on the skin which is the case of most skincare products.

Larger international skincare brands usually use chemical carriers to carry active ingredients into the skin. However, the chemical carriers are unnatural and can be harmful to health. Some skincare brands use nano technology and claim that active ingredients which are made very small in size can enter into the basal layer of the skin through small openings in the second layer of the skin. However the number of these small openings is very limited and therefore the amount of active ingredients that can enter the basal layer is also very limited.
The State-of-the-art WOW technology which is originally developed for the pharmaceutical industry is an advanced emulsification technique that enables both the water soluble nutrients (Vitamin C, etc.) and lipid soluble nutrients (such as Vitamin A,E and CoQ10) to naturally penetrate into the basal layer (the deepest layers) of the skin for maximum effect. However the WOW technology is both expensive and difficult to apply to skincare products and it production of the products takes much longer. As a result, application of WOW technology is hardly found in any skincare products in the market.
To achieve the highest effectiveness of our products, we have overcome all the challenges and successfully incorporate the WOW technology into our products. The resultant high efficacies of our products can be shown in the research study conducted under the supervision Hong Kong Productivity Council where our Reborn Power Cream reduced an average of 78% of wrinkles in all participants of the study. This actually WOWed the international expert forums including the 18th World Congress of Aesthetic Medicine. International clients were much impressed by the high effectiveness of our products and started knocking on our doors including a skin care doctor from France and celebrity from America.
The WOW structure of JaneClare products can be clearly seen under a powerful electronic microscope.





HydroSpark Advanced Oil Control & Moisturizing Technology
| HydroSpark 獨家先進補濕控油技術

HydroSpark ® is a proprietary oil control and moisturizing technology developed and registered by Laboratory JaneClare.
It dissolves clogging lipids in pores; repairs the lipid barrier; strengthens the moisture retention capacity of cells and guide nutrients to reach the deepest layer of skin.
Through the HydroSpark technology, the moisturizing effect of our products can last for a whole day.


Laboratory JaneClare 註冊技術 - HydroSpark®高端保濕控油技術,將親水基和親油基融合,將活性成分帶入毛囊,同時把多餘油脂帶走,同時修補油性隔阻層。強化肌膚鎖水能力,保濕效果維持一整天。



Accreditations | 認證

ISO 9001 Certification

ISO 9001 Certification | ISO 9001 認證

It provides a set of standardized requirements for a quality management system (QMS).  It is the fore leader in quality management systems and all management.

GMP certification

GMP certified Factory | 廠房設施升級至GMP標準

Good Manufacturing Practice is one of the highest standards of practice even in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products

Non-GMO verified Ingredients

All plant-based ingredients in our products are Non-GMO verified | 只採用獲得非基因改造認證成份

To ensure the quality and safety of our products, all plant based ingredient suppliers are required to produce relevant Non-GMO certificate or declarations of its ingredients.