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About JC


Hong Kong was a tiny fishing village at the south China coast that developed rapidly into Asia’s biggest financial centre and a sparkling Pearl of the Orient. The secret of Hong Kong’s success is the fundamental cultural synthesis that comes together as the perfect balance between the East and the West. 

Laboratory JaneClare Limited and other JaneClare companies were founded by Angela Lee, a Hong Kong born and raised international lawyer. Its logo”JC”, features the strokes of a Chinese brush that embodies historic Chinese tradition. The Latin alphabet “J“ and “C” stand for the modernities of the West. Together, they speak of the products of the group embodying the best of the East and the West, which openness would prevail over any narrow minded parochialism.

Angela Lee has always been known in the Hong Kong legal circle for her acumen for health and beauty. She was pleased to apply her decades of knowledge and experience in creating her dream products with the help of two North American Chinese experts in skin penetration technology. One was a renowned US dermatology professor, and the other, a leading Canadian researcher for a major pharmaceutical group.

珍卡兒集團的「珍凱麗」(JaneClare) 是一個香港特區自主研發及生產的品牌。香港從一個南中國的小漁材,變身成為亞洲四小龍之一,世界閃耀的東方之珠,是由於她揉合了中國傳統的文化、智慧,和西方的管理、科技。集團的標誌「JC」是用毛筆筆劃構成,代表中國;拉丁字母則代表西方,整體表達出產品是中西的匯萃,比其他較偏執的發展方向,更見卓越。

JC 產品源於她的創辦人,一位在香港出生成長的世界顯赫律師的養生、護膚心得和理念,獲得兩位擁有世界頂級皮膚滲透技術的北美華裔醫學教授和大藥廠資深研究員的完美演繹而成。

Angela Lee BBS, JP 李慧賢 銅紫荊星章太平紳士

Founder 集團創辦人

Justice of the Peace, awarded BBS by HKSAR government

awarded as Honorary Fellow by PVCHK



The 13th HK Forum: Luncheon Dialogue Women in Business - Angela Lee

Ancient Royal Skin Remedies + Skin Penetration Technology = Outstanding Performance

古漢方+現代滲透技術 = 效果顯著

There is a Chinese belief that a woman is like “used tea leaves” when she turns 40, as her looks will appear to fade over time. Angela Lee has surpassed 40 more than 20 years ago, but her good looks still remain intact! JaneClare’s products are developed as inspired by a number of classic royal skincare formulations.

JaneClare’s anti-wrinkle Cream, JC’s Reborn Power Cream, adopted the beauty formulation from a famous royal concubine of the ancient Chinese emperor 唐玄宗 (XuanZhong), 楊貴妃 (Yang Guifei). Her formulation created a fair and stunning complexion that mesmerised the emperor who showered his love on her alone over his three thousand other concubines who resided in his court. JC further refined the formulation, recasting it with the JC skin penetration technology. JC’s Reborn Power Cream has been Angela Lee’s go-to formulation for the past fifteen years and Angela can vouch for its efficacy in turning the clock back. Under the supervision of Hong Kong Productivity Council, this product has been proven in a clinical study to successfully remove 78% of the fine lines and emerging wrinkles of the participants after four weeks of continuous use.

產品採用和參考了多個經典古漢方。其中的去皺乳霜 (JaneClare Reborn Power Cream) 包含了貴妃玉容霜的方子。原方使貴妃臉上閃著白裡透紅的「傾城之色」,因而在後宮「三千寵愛在一身」。JC 再將方子改良、優化,並配以獨家的天然皮膚滲透技術。創辦人在集團成立十五年來見證著產品的凍齡功效。坊間流傳「女人四十豆腐渣」,但她年過四十已二十多年,但仍穩定保持顏值!產品更曾在香港生產力促進局監督下臨床證實能在連續四星期使用時成功減去參加測試者78%的幼紋和初形成皺紋。

JC’s Blueberry Revital Firming Mask is another of JaneClare’s most powerful products. In an antioxidant contents test independently performed by the Hong Kong Productivity Council, this mask came first over the masks of all other internationally renowned brands in the test, with the highest margin reaching over 70%. The molecular fibre of the bio cellulose mask of this product is finer than that of a regular mask by well over 100x, and freshly squeezed organic blueberries juice is used in the creation of the mask. Its moisturising and firming effects make a visible difference that using a mask for three consecutive nights has been acknowledged as the best preparation for a big day, no matter how important. This mask is a favourite among many makeup artists in Hong Kong. Of course, for some people, every day is a big day, and they can’t go without this star JC product!

另一隻JC 拳頭產品「藍莓薫香緊致面膜」更在香港生產力促進局的一項獨立測試中被證實所含抗氧化成份比其他多隻國際名牌面膜都要高,有達70% 之多。這面膜更獲香港屈臣氏集團頒發「逆轉肌齡大奨」。這是一隻頗昂貴的面膜,因為採用了天然培植的生物纖維面膜,比起一般面膜,他的纖維分子要細緻一百多倍!而且更用了新鮮有機藍莓榨汁製成。但因為面膜的補濕和緊致效果非常明顯,所以在大日子前,連續三天使用,使顏值大大提升,便完全物有所值。當然為有些人士,每天都是大日子,她們就離不開JC 這明星面膜了!

The JC Organics Plus Standard

JC 「珍草有機」的標準

JC pledges to avoid using chemical preservatives or any of the harmful chemical ingredients, as listed in the unacceptable and restricted lists of US environmental group EWG. As many of these harmful ingredients are commonly found in most of the products in the skincare market, JC also adopts a uniquely high standard in ingredient selection and purchase. Apart from growing ingredients locally, the herbal ingredients JC purchases all have to meet the following “JC Organics Plus” standard : 

The ingredients have to be either; 
1) certified organic; or
2) certified by a credible third party as “a green herb” which we define to mean a herb without GMO elements; any heavy metal or pesticides do not exceed international standard; and contains nil chemical preservatives; or
3) covered by a declaration carrying legal liability by the supplier that it is a green herb. 

JC products are natural and safe, so that even patients with skin problems may use them hassle free. There is a line of specially selected products that meet the criteria of safe skincare products for pregnant women that meet the medical standards recommended by Dr. PY Yik, a Hong Kong registered medical practitioner in his medical opinion and Ms. A Tseng, a Hong Kong registered TCM practitioner.

JC 產品不單不添加任何化學防腐劑及其他(參照美國環保組織EWG定義的)普遍存在於絕大部分產品的有害化學成分,JC 在原材料上的選取有著極高的品質及安全挑選規格。包括在香港本土種植的原料和從外購入的植物材料均須符合JC 集團的「珍草有機」原則,即: 




所以JC 產品天然、安全,濕疹患者也可安心使用。JC 更有一系列經篩選過符合香港註冊中、西醫建議認為對孕婦及胎兒安全的產品。

The JC Natural Preservation System


The JC group has successfully developed a natural preservation system using blends of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and western herbs. With the system, products can be kept and stored for at least three years.

JC 在2012 年成功研發純天然保質系統,利用中草及西草複方,使產品不用化學防腐劑而能保質三年以上。

The JC Proprietary Skin Penetration Technology


In order for desired efficacy, nutrients must reach the different levels of the deepest levels of the skin. The “water-in-oil-in-water” skin penetration technology used by the biggest international pharmaceutical companies utilises many synthetic ingredients. JC has developed its proprietary technology that successfully segregate the ingredients of a product by their respective water-in-oil-in-water together with the appropriate natural vehicles to correlate with the skin structure for optimal performance. The three level structure of the product molecules can be seen under an electronic microscope, even though this proprietary product molecule structuring is not evident to the naked eye.

產品的養分能滲透皮膚各層至肌底層才能見到產品的成效。世界大藥廠甪于名貴皮膚藥的「水包油包水」滲透技術,須借助多種化學物質處理,而JC 自家研發同類技術就無須使用化學物質而能成功組織產品的養分,配合適當的天然載體,分層按水、油、水的性質,配合皮膚的親水、親油、親水的結構,使產品養分功效,極致發揮。這結構在電子顯微鏡下清楚可見。所以JC 產品有肉眼見不到的獨到配置。

The “JaneClare TCM Transdermal Therapy Laboratory “ in the School of Chinese Medicine of Hong King Baptist University


JC group donated to the School of Chinese Medicine of Hong King Baptist University in November 2017 where the “JaneClare TCM Transdermal Therapy Laboratory “ was set up. The resources in the Laboratory offer valued support behind the in-house research and development team of the JC group. 

JaneClare’s Awards and Accolades

Since the group was first set up in 2003, the brand and its products have received numerous awards and accolades. JaneClare was selected as the recipient of the “Most Trusted Skincare Brand” of Hong Kong in 2015 by Mediazone, an international journal. JaneClare was also named as one of the Most Valuable Companies of the year in 2016.

JC 集團在2017年11月向香港浸會大學中醫藥學院作出捐贈,成立了「珍卡兒中醫透皮治療實驗室」,因而在自家研發技術上得到更穩固堅實的後盾支持。 


JC 集團在2003 年正式成立,一直以來,獲獎無數,包括獲國際傳媒Mediazone 頒發的「香港最可信賴的護膚品牌大獎」及被選為「香港年度最有價值公司之一」。