Gave up her lawyer career, Founder Ms. Angela Lee dives into harmless skincare products 創辦人李慧賢棄做律師 鑽研無害護膚產品

Our founder Ms. Angela Lee was featured in a news article by Kowloon Post, a free newspaper, earlier this month. With regards to her future plan, she hopes JaneClare will be the first international Hong Kong-based skincare brand and be listed in a few years.
早前,創辦人李慧賢太平紳士 (Angela) 接受龍週報紙訪問,被問及未來大計,Angela 表示希望JaneClare成為首個香港的國際護膚品,更計劃在數年內上市。

The news article is as follows:


JaneClare is very grateful for recognition from all walks of life. It is hoped that JaneClare can keep on growing up like bamboos, as what Angela mentioned. 
JaneClare 十分感激一直以來各界的肯定和認可!盼望 JaneClare 繼續如 Angela 的形容一樣,像竹子憑著埋在地下已茁壯成長的根,為將來成長打好基礎!


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