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獲嘉許「商界展關懷」 Awarded as a Caring Company

Laboratory JaneClare Limited

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JaneClare x myTV SUPER 護膚品體驗裝 Giveaway 得獎名單

Laboratory JaneClare Limited

Thank you for all your participation on this Giveaway. Congratulations to the fellows! We will contact each winner and send out the gift by mail.   謝謝各位踴躍參與「JaneClare送禮」活動! 恭喜以下得獎者!我們將會個別聯絡各得獎者,並安排寄送禮物。   A Sibyl Leung Alice Kr Amyan Chu Annie Lau Athena Cheung Bowie Tse Carrie Iuh Cat Wong Cat Wong Chan Siuha Cheang Haha Cheung Hugh Chloe Lee Chu Lok Sum Cwl Leung Days Louie Emily Kok Janice Lam Jo Lam Joanne Lee KaRen Chan Kathy So Kawu Chan Kiki Wong Krist Cyu Kuma Pug Kwan Chan Kwan Wing Wong Laurie  Shum Lok Yiu Chan Louise Tse Maggie Lee Maggie Tong Man...

Our Care to the Society | 關心社會

Laboratory JaneClare Limited

Supporting Corporation Dawn 支持晨曦會 Supporting rehabilitation patients along with eco-friendly plantation on Dawn Island幫助晨曦島上的戒毒學員重投社會,及提供有關耕種之技術支援   Learn More 閱讀更多:JaneClare和晨曦島攜手合作支持更新   Supporting Ronald McDonald House Charities 支持麥當勞叔叔之家慈善基金   And more… 還有更多…

Established "JaneClare Transdermal TCM Therapy Laboratory" in HKBU | JaneClare 成立「珍卡兒中醫透皮治療實驗室」

Laboratory JaneClare Limited

JaneClare is pleased and proud to have the School of Chinese Medicine of Hong Kong Baptist University, a top academic institution for research publications and impact in the world for Chinese Medicine, setting up "JaneClare Transdermal TCM Therapy Laboratory", to back up the Laboratory JaneClare R&D team in its product development.

JaneClare創辦人Angela Lee為美容業界再獲殊榮

Laboratory JaneClare Limited

香港工業專業評審局早前舉行「2016榮譽院士選舉」, JaneClare創辦人Angela Lee太平紳士獲頒「2016榮譽院士」是美容業界取得此榮譽的第一人