製造優質、高效護膚品 JaneClare不斷進步 | Make Advancement for High Quality Skincare Products

Laboratory JaneClare Limited




最近獲香港貿易發展局 報道有關JaneClare的成功故事,詳細內容可參閱:https://goo.gl/Ru98L2


Building a skincare brand is never easy in this competitive market, not even mentioning a Hong Kong based one. But we – JaneClare – are striving our best in the city, providing natural, healthy and safe skincare products.

We have been making much advancement to guarantee you high quality products: opening a JaneClare research Lab with Hong Kong Baptist University, School of Chinese Medicine for innovative product development, upgrading production plant and facilities to high standards meeting GMP certification, and continuing to improve overall, ensuring we use fresh, good-for-you ingredients.

Our success story is featured on HKTDC Research Portal. You may refer to https://goo.gl/GGsBDP for the article: 

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